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Does Fashion Nova operate a traditional wholesale program?

No. Fashion Nova does not operate a traditional wholesale program. However, we strongly believe in the democratization of fashion and providing discounted access to our interstellar catalog of apparel items to preferred retail partners across the globe. While we treat the transaction as a standard ecommerce order, by working with us as a preferred retail partner, you’re guaranteed a discount on all orders.

Does Fashion Nova operate a traditional wholesale program?

Does Fashion Nova provide the opportunity to purchase individual items in bulk or in specified size run at discounted pricing?

What is the wholesale discount available from Fashion Nova?

I received the wholesale discount codes via email, but you’re running an equal or better promotion on your website. Why isn’t the wholesale discount greater?

Do you offer free shipping on wholesale discounted orders?

Will Fashion Nova ever provide a true wholesale program?

I have a resale certificate, can I make my wholesale purchase tax free?


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