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Cares FAQ

Can anyone enter?

If I live outside of the U.S. can I enter?
Yes, this a worldwide giveaway.

How do I enter?
Visit and submit the form. 

  1. E-mail address
  2. Phone number (only US entries)
  3. Instagram handle (optional)
  4. Share your story
  5. Press enter!

Can you submit more than once?
No, you can only submit one time. If you attempt to submit again, the system will notify you that you are already subscribed.

What are Cardi B and Fashion Nova looking for?
Fashion Nova and Cardi B are committed to helping those impacted by Covid-19. We are looking for people in genuine need of support.

Does this entry allow me to win anytime in the next 42 days?
Yes, we look at all entries through the duration of the contest. Enter today and you will be eligible to win each hour till May 20th. 

Do you post every winner?
Yes, each day at 11am and 11pm on Instagram @FashionNova and on the Fashion Nova Cares Relief Recipients list here.

How will I know if I won?
Our team will reach out to you via email and/or phone number provided

Will you share my story?
We will only share stories with your permission.

Cares FAQ

Fashion Nova COVID-19 Update